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August 13th 2005 - 013, Tilburg, the Netherlands


6.30 PM

We're all set to leave for our first experience this year in the neighbour country: the Netherlands. According to our routeplanner it would take us 50 minutes to get there. I like it when they are correct, cause at 7.30 PM we arrived...although we still had to wait for 30 minutes for the doors to open. While standing at the entrance we met up with Juiceman, Joerg, Klingel and a couple of their friends. Nice to see you guys again!!

8 PM

The doors of the lovely 013 venue open. A great athmosphere is hanging there, really cosy and with all the steps you definately have a good view on the stage. There were only a 1000 tickets sold in presale, for a venue of 2500...strange for a Dutch show.

8.30 PM

K-OS started to get the first vibes in the venue. Really nice band. Hip-hop with some rock influences. Definately worth watching. The venue got crowded after all, I think a lot of people without tickets showed up.

9.30 PM

Michael Franti & Spearhead started to rock the place with a short Jam Rock immediately followed by What I be and Pray for grace. Before they started I had a quick look at the setlist, which was quite short, too bad. Anyway, in the beginning of the show it seemed that Dave and Carl had a few troubles with their gear, cause the guitar tech had to come on stage every 2 minutes, which made it look like a rehearsal kinda show. It was great to see that during the second part of the show it all got better. A great rocky version of Yell Fire and People in the middle reggae style got the crowed really moving. It was great to hear they were playing some lovely new tunes, I'm really looking forward to the new CD. Another nice thing was the more up tempo version of Bomb the world, not that I don't like the slow one, but after hearing it for a hundred times, it's nice to hear a different version :-). The vibes in the place were awesome, everybody kept dancing and cheering!! Lovely!!! Right After the encore, Michael did a great intimate and emotional version of 'One step closer' for a friend of his that died in Bagdad. Really touching with the candles burning on stage. The ending of the show was wonderful with 'We don't stop', 'never too late' and 'cleanup man' although 'Sometimes' was a bit dissapointing: again the Smells like teen spirit part in it...probably I heard this live too much (since 2001) Nevertheless it was a great show, but not the best I've seen. I think the party vibes of Jazz Cafe was still in their veins, cause they seemed a bit tired :-P. Again the setlist on paper was definately shorter than the one they played! I think they eventually played for about 2 hours! Yihaaa!!! Looking forward to Lokeren and Marktrock!!


  • Jam Rock (short)
  • What I be
  • Pray for grace
  • Yes I will
  • Yell Fire
  • People in the middle (reggae style)
  • What I got
  • One step closer
  • Everybody ona move
  • I been away
  • Stay Human
  • Bomb the world
  • Everyone deserves music


  • Tolerance
  • I know it's real
  • Sometimes
  • We don't stop
  • Never too late
  • Cleanup man